Meet the Journalist: Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani (July 2019)

Despite the abolition of the slave trade around the world in the 19th century, descendants of freed slaves among the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria still face significant discrimination.

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Nigeria's Trafficking Curse (September 2018)

Black magic is used to put fear into sex trafficking victims so they don't escape their situation - but now the priests themselves are being cursed in an attempt to stop the rituals.

The secret killings of twins deemed evil in Nigeria (March 2018)

Infanticide is still being committed in secret in some villages in Nigeria, where it's believed that twins, albinos and deformed babies are evil.

When Women Rule: Nigerian MP Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje (October 2017)

Nigerian lawmaker fears violence is scaring women away from politics.

Beyond Boko Haram (August 2017)

Psychologist Fatima Akilu works with victims and members of Boko Haram and set up Nigeria's first de-radicalisation programme.

"I lost all hope of going home" (January 2017)

One of 21 of the Chibok students released last October speaks exclusively to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.